On today’s podcast episode, we’re going to talk together about how to have a Christ-centered Easter celebration. We’re going to talk a bit about the importance of the resurrection, walk through the gospel, and share some ideas to help us point our family to the risen Jesus and His gift of salvation.

We know this time of year the stores are filled with Easter baskets, chocolates, and egg coloring kits but as Christian’s our celebration of Easter focuses on the truth that we serve a risen Lord. Our God is alive, and that truth is where our hope lies. He is Risen! Jesus is Alive!

As a mom and now grandmother I desire our celebration of Easter or as many of us call it The Celebration of the Resurrection, to be Christ-focused. I’m not elaborate in our celebrations, but I desire to be intentional. I want to share more than just our traditional meal together; I want to point my family to the gift of Jesus.

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I find comfort in the routines of the day. We all have areas of our lives that need to be taken care of on a daily basis. Having routines set in your day can make the whole day run smoothly, and those routines tend to become habits over time. I am such an advocate of having a morning and evening routine because they have helped to simplify and make my days run smoothly for over 25 years now.

Starting your day with focus and structure does help you to maintain some order and not have a day of complete chaos. Even if the rest of the day turns to chaos, you have already accomplished a  lot in that first hour or two of the morning.

Whether you're a morning person, not a morning person a mother with littles or someone who already has some solid routines in place, I hope to have some encouragement for you all today.

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There is a favorite book I turn to often to look for encouragement in my role as a wife and mother. God’s Word is always my first destination but a book that I came across several years ago is Feminine Appeal by Carolyn Mahaney. Carolyn is looking at our role as Titus 2 women and what the scripture teaches by taking apart that verse a section at a time. Chapter three is an excellent guide to show us what God’s Word says about loving our children.

The chapter starts off by reminding us as mom’s how good we are at self-sacrificing love. It is a rare experience to meet a woman who doesn’t sacrifice for her children and daily lay down her life to serve them. We are good at that kind of love.

I have two adult children and three grandbabies. I can tell you I fiercely love all my babies – my now grown children and those little grandbabies. This mama would do anything for them and be there in a heartbeat.

Whether we have our own children or spiritual children we have a high calling to love these children and point them to Christ. This high calling of motherhood is truly an honor, and I hope that today I can with the Lord’s help, to help us to grasp this. I’ve talked much about cleaning and homekeeping and scheduling over the years but the moments we get with our children are hopefully pointing them to the reality that life is bigger than cleaning and cooking and that our example would be one of the sacrificial love of Jesus and of laying down your life for another. You are a disciple mama, and you are to be making disciples in your home.

It is a tiring job at times and can seem overwhelming many days, but I hope that you will be reminded today in our time that you can’t do anything without the strength of Christ. In Christ Mama, we can do all things with great joy. So let’s look together at the blessings of loving our children: 

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We all have habits we already do on a day to day basis. Habits are things that just happen without us thinking about them anymore. We brush our teeth, make our beds, maybe we exercise regularly, eat meals, or wake up and have a cup of coffee. We do these things now without thinking – it’s so good to have things we do without thinking! But a habit isn’t just a by-product of repetition. We can also develop and form new habits.

I can’t determine what habits you would like to develop in your homemaking, but I can encourage you to ponder and start small by doing just one. Maybe you don’t clean the dishes up after dinner immediately and leave them until morning. Would you like to change that habit and do clean up the night before?

When we have built good habits into our homekeeping they can become time savers for us and create more freedom into our days.
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How can we as believers "put on" an attitude of love in our homes? What does it look like to "put off" sinful responses and attitudes and "put on" God-honoring attitudes? I'm hoping today to encourage you that as believers we can "put on" attitudes and behaviors that are God-honoring. If we are in Christ, He has equipped us to do so through His presence within us and through our intake of God's truth. 

We're working through Ephesians 4:22-24 together today: Ephesians 4:22-24:

22 to put off your old self, which belongs to your former manner of life and is corrupt through deceitful desires, 23 and to be renewed in the spirit of your minds,24 and to put on the new self, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness.

We have a new nature when we receive Christ and are born again – we become a totally different individual – we’re now a citizen of heaven

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation the old has gone the new has come.

~ 2 Corinthians 5:17

The apostle Paul reminds us throughout his epistles that we have a new nature. It affects our mind, heart, knowledge, wisdom, love, desires and every aspect of our being. According to God’s Word, we are new – transformed.

As believers, we now have a new nature. Our behavior is now able to match our new nature because Christ is in us. We are risen with Christ, and we should now behave in accordance with who we are.

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I’m sharing a message with you today that I gave at a sweet friend’s bridal shower. I had the privilege of watching this young woman as a teenager grow into a lovely, godly woman who as I’m now recording this just got married this weekend. I’m excited for the next season the Lord has for her, but I’m also excited for the season the Lord has us all in right now.

I had such a problem titling this message, and I think you'll understand why when you listen in. The podcast today isn’t just for married women or soon to be married women, but I believe there will be much for all women. We’re going to be talking about our identity in Christ and what it looks like to love one another. I’m focusing on cherishing our husbands, but I think you will see much of this will pertain to all of us in our relationships with each other inside and outside the church too.

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One of the most fundamental ways to manage our homes well is to take the time to plan. Planning is merely deciding in advance the what, why and how things will be done even cleaning. Ladies the time it takes to put together a plan for the care and upkeep of your home is well worth your time and energy. You know the saying that sorta goes like this - “Many women plan to fail because they fail to plan.”

On the other side of that, we can do so much planning and never get to the action part. I love to sit and plan – cleaning would not be my favorite – I say that but it really is getting started, and once I get moving on it I enjoy it because of the instant results you see from it.

I want to remind you here this is a method or methods – I’m sharing three that I use at various times and seasons in my life - that work well for me and my personality. I’m not a naturally organized person and actually can be quite messy. My friends would not say this about me because when they come over, they see a neat and tidy home. I have to work hard to go against the bent of my natural personality in this area. I have trained myself to become a tidy home keeper – not perfect but neat and orderly. I still have my certain drawers and areas that I need to continue to declutter and organize, but overall I have worked to make my home easy to clean and keep orderly.

I desire my home to be a haven for my family. I also don’t want to spend all my time and energy just cleaning my house. I desire to give my family and other relationships my time, so I’ve learned to manage my home well, so it doesn’t control me and take up all my time. I also appreciate having a house ready to offer hospitality and fellowship to others at a moment’s notice.

My point I’m trying to make here is that my cleaning method or methods may not work for you, but I want you as you listen to me today ponder what type of cleaning schedule – if you don’t have one already- would help you to care and manage your home.

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As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ not one of us would desire to remain a babe in the faith.  We all desire to grow more in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Spiritual growth doesn’t happen by osmosis – you have to be disciplined in putting God’s truth in your mind.  Spending time with the Lord in His Word will transform our hearts and compel us to obey God’s Word.

As we grow in our understanding of God’s Word we will develop convictions that will determine how we will live or how we hope to live.  God’s Word helps us to develop principles that we desire to live our lives by – this is the process of sanctification.

“Sanctification is a process – the process of becoming more like Christ, of growing in holiness. This process begins the instant you are converted and will not end until you meet Jesus face-to-face. Sanctification is about our own choices and behavior. It involves work.  Empowered by God’s Spirit, we strive. We fight sin. We study Scripture and pray, even when we don’t feel like it. We flee temptation. We press on; we run hard in the pursuit of holiness. And as we become more and more sanctified, the power of the gospel conforms us more and more closely, with ever-increasing clarity, to the image of Jesus Christ.”
~C.J. Mahaney

Growing spiritually is the most important step in our role as Christian wives and mothers.  I do not have true wisdom to offer my family because true wisdom comes from the Lord and knowledge of Him.  

I know what you’re going to say – I barely have time to breath how am I going to fit in time with the Lord.  

Stick with me here today because I’m hoping I have some tips that will motivate you or at least seem doable that you can work into your current season of life.

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We all have this vision of working in this perfectly organized home where there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place. We picture saving time and money and less stress in this place, but many times that’s as far as we get. It’s just a vision, and we never get there. I hope today we can see that it isn’t just a dream, but we can get there. There are many ways to declutter, and I’m going to share some methods that have worked for me and I hope will inspire you today to start working away at your clutter piece by piece with me.

I love to work in an orderly workspace. I love order and beauty in my home.  Studies have proven that people think clearer and better in uncluttered environments.

Clutter is a real enemy.  Clutter can keep us from enjoying our families and homes as it takes up our time, can rob us of our joy, can add stress to our lives and takes up our living space.

I was going to initially share a podcast this week on cleaning schedules (that’s a future one coming soon), but as I started writing it, I realized this is an area that needs to be dealt with before we can start cleaning.

Remember we can’t clean clutter.

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January 10, 2018

Ep. 13: Choosing Forgiveness


As I’m sharing this with you today, I don’t know what you my listeners are coming to this podcast with.  I don’t know the hurts in your lives.  Hurtful words, betrayal from a friend, disappointments, and even much darker areas of abuse to unspeakable offenses that many of us could not even fathom.

Many times we can just go on trying to live in a state of normalcy all the while these past hurts are building resentment and bitterness in our hearts. Our God does not want us to be stuck there.  In Christ, we have the freedom to be set free.  

Forgiveness is a choice.  It is not a denial that whatever hurt has been done against you isn’t real, but it does mean you need to face it and be reminded that not forgiving that sin against you is a sin in itself.

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