January 10, 2018

Ep. 13: Choosing Forgiveness


As I’m sharing this with you today, I don’t know what you my listeners are coming to this podcast with.  I don’t know the hurts in your lives.  Hurtful words, betrayal from a friend, disappointments, and even much darker areas of abuse to unspeakable offenses that many of us could not even fathom.

Many times we can just go on trying to live in a state of normalcy all the while these past hurts are building resentment and bitterness in our hearts. Our God does not want us to be stuck there.  In Christ, we have the freedom to be set free.  

Forgiveness is a choice.  It is not a denial that whatever hurt has been done against you isn’t real, but it does mean you need to face it and be reminded that not forgiving that sin against you is a sin in itself.

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Who doesn’t want to save money, time, their sanity, reduce stress, eat healthy and avoid the dreaded question "What’s for dinner?" It sounds great right, and we’d all love to do it but how do we get there?

Menu planning is the answer to all those questions above. We have a jam-packed episode today filled with tons of tips, examples, and ideas so stick with me, and I know there will be something that will appeal to each of you in some way. I hope to get you in the habit of menu planning if you’re not already and if you already are but find yourself in a rut, then I hope this episode will give you some encouragement to keep going. If you’re already a die-hard habitual menu planner, maybe you’ll gain some new ideas to jazz up your weekly menu plan.

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We are already nearing Christmas Eve and plans that I had to bake or buy or clean haven’t all been finished.  There are gifts I wanted to purchase or send that didn’t happen.  There are cookies I wanted to bake that I didn’t get too and areas I wanted to tidy at home that I didn’t even get close to doing. But I want to share with you today reminders that I’m talking to myself about what I am choosing. I’m hoping to help us keep our focus on the main thing this Christmas season.

You can read the full podcast here, but my hope is you will sit with me for just a few minutes of your day and listen in to the podcast and let me pour into you a bit. 

Thank you for spending your time with me today - I am blessed by each one of you. Thank you for your prayers, for your sweet notes of encouragement to me and for supporting this little ministry here at Thankful Homemaker by listening in to this podcast. I’ll be taking a break for the next week to enjoy family time. I will see you all next year back here at the blog and podcast.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my dear friends.




As the busy Christmas season is upon us we can find ourselves all wrapped up (literally wrapping too) in planning, cooking, cleaning, shopping, decorating, ministry activities and a multitude of other tasks that seem to come about during the Christmas season in addition to just the normal activities of life that we are dealing with.

I personally can lose focus and need to continue to pray to the Lord to remind me to have the heart of Mary and not get caught up with the attitude of Martha in all that needs to be done. I’m a very task focused person, and it’s how my mind works so I need to be intentional and prayerful to not miss the wonder of the Christmas season.

The Christmas season can be a time – a reminder to us to refocus - to again to think deeply about the realities of who Jesus is and what He has done for us.

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I'm going to cross into a sensitive area but I'm hoping you will hang in here with me today and ponder some of what I'm sharing. This is an area that has been on my heart to talk about partly because I'm convicted by it when I see this sin in my life but also because I know the damage it can to in our churches and amidst our relationships with other Christians.

I'm addressing today when we have a critical or judgmental spirit against others.

What is the spirit of the Pharisees that we want to avoid? It is that of a self-righteous spirit. It's when we look down on others whether inwardly or express it outwardly. We may despise them or look at them with contempt or annoyance. It is being a fault finder. 

We're going to be working through the text of Matthew 7:1-5 open your Bibles and join in with me today as we ask the Lord to help us do battle with our critical, sinful spirits. 

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My quick cleaning method I'm going to share with you has been serving me well for many years. I appreciate being able to make my family feel comfy and well cared for along with those we shoe hospitaltity to so I use this list for an occasional quick clean up for my family and company too. Listen in as I share today my top ten cleaning tips in preparing for company. 


Self-discipline is essential to spiritual growth and it is useful in our lives in so many ways. Living lives that are disciplined means saying, "yes" to God in every area of our lives.

Jesus is our ultimate example of what it looks like to live a disciplined life. He chose both dependence and obedience to His Father. As Christians we too are called to dependence and obedience to our Father.

Self-discipline is primary to our spiritual growth. In 1 Timothy 4:7 we are called to discipline ourselves for the purpose of godliness. It means to exercise control over one's self. It's the ability to keep ourselves under control.


As believers in Jesus Christ kindness should characterize our lives. Paul says in Titus 3:3-4 what change his life was the kindness of Jesus. Let's dig into God's Word together to see what God tells us about kindness.


Being women I know we are all interested in the topic of friendship because we are all relational creatures. There is something in the heart of every Christian woman that desires meaningful, intimate, godly friendships. My hope today is to point us to the Word of God and what He says about godly friendships.

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