February 11, 2020

EP 69: Preaching the Gospel to Yourself

Preaching the gospel to yourself. It’s a phrase we’ve all heard and we all agree with but deep down we’re like, okay what does that really look like? Or how do I make that practical in my day-to-day life when my marriage is hard? Or the kids are out of control? Or there’s an illness in my family or I’m just stuck in a sinful pattern?  Or the house is in chaos and I don’t know where to begin? 

The reality is we’re always saying something to ourselves in our minds. Especially in those moments of chaos or difficulty. Is what we're speaking to ourselves centered on the truths of God’s Word or are we buying into the lies of the world? 

"Have you realized that most of the unhappiness in life is due to the fact that you are listening to yourself instead of talking to yourself?"

~ Martyn Lloyd Jones

We need to be talking to ourselves and not just listening to ourselves. But what do we need to be talking to ourselves about? This is what we're going to work through together in today's podcast.

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